About Our Restoration Process & Warranty


arrow As we venture into out 24th year we have become pretty darn good at working on coin operated games. Early on we learned fast what NOT to buy. Why buy from us? We'll just let our customers tell you why.


We only buy games that are a good candidate for a restoration!


Our thinking is this: IF there is a problem with a customers game who is going to be the one driving to their house to fix it? WE ARE! So with that said BEFORE any game leaves our facility we want to be 100% sure that you the customer will receive many trouble free years with your new game. Pinball machines are mechanical devices. Things can break, but with a solid restoration on games that meet our stringent wholesale buying criteria your game will play as good, if not better than new. Were sure of it and we have 20 plus years of happy customers to prove it. We are a small family owned business that takes pride in what we do! We are dedicated to one on one customer service. In our world THAT is the backbone of America! Read more about restorations on our used game page here.

Selling Your Machine?

Selling Your Machine?


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Our Restoration Process is VERY Thorough

The pinball machines are brought into our shop and completely torn down. And we mean completely. The playfields are stripped down and all parts are hand cleaned and polished. Any broken or worn parts are replaced and the playfield is cleaned and waxed in a 4-stage process. It is then reassembled using all new rubber rings and bulbs. And that's just the top side of the playfield....  



When we restore a game we do it the right way. After the playfield is torn down and all assemblies removed from the game, we then tear each assembly down and rebuild them as needed. Below is a ship assembly for a Pirates of the Caribbean Pinball. This ship assembly gets a LOT of use as do MOST assemblies on a pinball machine. Mechanics DO wear out and we replace ALL worn parts in a game before it leaves our facility! If your dealing with a company that does not go through these assemblies you WILL regret your purchase. We always tell our customer PLEASE do your homework before you purchase a pinball. So many times we hear the horror stories of people paying prices ABOVE average retail and NOT getting this quality work. We promise you that you WILL get what you pay for!



The underside (where you can't see) is also fully rebuilt. All under-ramps are pulled, cleaned and polished. All flipper, pop bumper, slingshot, drop target assemblies are fully torn apart and rebuilt using all new OEM parts, along with ALL other game specific mechanical assemblies. This is critical in making your newly restored game play as it should!



Cabinets are also thoroughly cleaned inside and out!!! Some games we also do complete new artwork making it look as good, or better than from the factory! Inside areas that need fresh paint get sanded and re-painted, getting rid of any ugly scratches from the playfield being lifted incorrectly over it's life.



Finally the electronics are inspected with any and all burned connectors or faulty components being replaced!



The games are then final tested and thoroughly checked for any ball hang up, or alignment issues after reassembly, assuring you many years of trouble free play in your home.


Puck Bowler Restoration

If you have a tired puck bowler, we can make it run flawless again. We have done MANY of them. We specialize in the Solid State units built between 1977 and 1995 when production of these ended. We completely disassemble the entire unit and go over every part of the machine as we do with our pinball process.




We completely take every pin assembly apart and restore or replace ALL the parts in all the assemblies.



Pin assemblies before and after restoration



Pin Rack Before & After


We will be adding more pictures on the rest of our restoration including the electronics, cabinet & Playfield soon.

Every Manufacturer & System is Different

Fortunately we have been doing this a while and we definitely know what to look for BEFORE it becomes an issue. All these things you can't see are what you should be the most concerned with. Unfortunately, there are so many dealers out there that make a game "look" good to the untrained eye, but they just don't do the necessary things to the mechanics and electronics of the game. This is where it can really become a disappointment.

Do Your Homework

Just when you thought owning a pinball was a great idea, it's deflated when you're now looking to find someone to fix your game AGAIN! We say it all the time... Do your homework!  Because these are commercially operated games and many have been neglected and abused. Making them look good is the easy part. Making them play right is a whole different story.

Every Game We Sell locally Includes an In-Home Parts & Labor Warranty

We will always service your game in your home. You will never need to drag it in to us, nor will we be removing it from your home. For out of state sales, we will always warranty parts and electronics and can and will assist in finding local, qualified repair techs if you're not capable of the repair. We also offer free phone support for as long as you own your game! Rest assured you will only get the best restoration of your new purchase! You will never receive a "dusted off" product from us! Now lets go look at some new and refurbished PINBALL!!!!


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